2020 LFS TRR. Round #1 Report

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Main News | 0 comments

Round #1 of the LFS TRR. Championship 2020 with the UF1 around Aston Cadet Reversed was an exciting round. Eventhough the little under-powered car, we saw a lot of nice battles on track on every lap of both races.

Team Rock Racing even scored a surprising podium finish with Walter “cholover7” Lemmens in the reversed grid race. Where he managed to fight himself from a 7th starting position to a magnificent 3rd position.

The race saw few incidents and a strong scoring from nearly all of our drivers.

– Anton “krin” Ahlers did second best for Team Rock Racing scoring a nice 8th position in the reversed grid race.

– Joshua “hydro18nl” Waslander did fairly good as well finishing 16th in race 1 and 13th in race 2.

– With Duncan “Dunc” van Dijk and Dawid “Texas” Gozdz not far behind with a respective 20th/16th and 21st/28th.

– Mickel “wrcking90” Baggen did start the first race, to finish 31st, out of 34 finishers but soon decided to become the Race Director for the championship instead and thus not starting in race 2.